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Dog adventure park in Baldock. Dog resting inside.

Dog grooming, day care & boarding

At Sentabarcs, we can perform a range of other dog care services for dogs and dog owners alike. You can bring your dog for us to look after for a day (or half a day), and you can relax in the knowledge that they shall be well looked after, fed, walked, and be well stimulated throughout the day.

We also offer a superb dog grooming service, with an experienced dog groomer who knows how to calm your dog, and will have them looking neat and freshly washed and dried. You can also board your dog here while you take a holiday or trip abroad, and relax in the knowledge that they will never be bored and always be well looked-after. If you are looking for any dog care services in the Baldock area contact Sentabarcs today.





Adventure park for dogs grooming service.

Have your dog looking, smelling, and feeling great, with our competitively priced grooming service. If you don't have transport, we can also pickup and drop off your dog anywhere within 15 miles, to have them washed and dried and groomed and brushed.



Adventure park for dogs boarding service.

You can board your dog here for as long as you need. If you are taking a holiday, traveling abroad or moving home, we can take care of your dog, and keep them entertained and happy for the duration of their stay.




 Day care   

Dog day care service at Sentabarcs

If you work during the day, and are worried that your dog will become bored or restless during the day, bring them to us. We will keep them happy & socialised, until you come to pick them up at the end of the day. We also accept half day bookings.



Find our dog adventure park In Baldock

You can find our dog adventure park in Baldock by driving along on the A505 towards Royston. It is on the site of Hare Park Farm, just before the sign for the road to Ashwell, on the left-hand side. If your dog needs a lift to the dog adventure park, we can pick it up from anywhere within 15 miles of us. This includes Letchworth Garden City, Stevenage, Royston, Biggleswade, and Hitchin.

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Dog adventure park in Baldock. Shiba Inu sitting on grass.





Whether it's dog grooming, doggie day care or boarding, Sentabarcs can help

You can book your pet some time with our dog adventure park in Baldock today using our handy booking page. Alternatively, email us at

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