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Dog obstacle course in Baldock. Man guiding dog over bridge.


Adventuring through the dog obstacle course at Sentabarcs

Sentabarcs dog adventure park in Baldock includes a dog obstacle course, where dogs can run and encounter a number of different items of climbing apparatuses, jumps, swings, tunnels, bridges, and a maze, to keep them entertained and stimulated during their stay.




Climbing frame

Our fun climbing frame includes ramps and ladders which dogs can run up, and a slide that they can slide down. Low enough to be safe, but high enough to be a fun and stimulating experience for all dogs.


A great toy for your dog to bounce all day! Dogs find trampolines so much fun! Our trampolines make for an exciting, exuberating experience.

Splash park

A pool for hot dogs to become cool once more! So many dogs love to play in water and our splash park has lots of room for dogs of many shapes and sizes.


Tug rope swings

A favourite thing for dogs to bite and swing at the same time, strengthening their jaws and filling them with a rush of adrenaline as they sway back and forth!


A great place for dogs to lose themselves, and find themselves again, is our simple, yet confusing maze.

Tunnels and bridges

Just like the maze but with only one route, you would think a dog could never get waylaid on such a journey, right?


Ball pit

A huge ball pit where dogs can dive right in, or grab a ball and run with it to wherever they want to in the park.

Sand pit

A wonderful place to dig, roll, and hide among the dunes. A sandbox is the perfect place for a dog who loves to dig and have fun.

Sensory garden

A calming and relaxing area for dogs to snuggle up in, and enjoy the scents of the catnip and other stimulating plants and materials. A perfect reward for a dog who has completed an arduous dog obstacle course!






Benefits to using the dog obstacle course


Dogs using our fun exercise course will be fitter, healthier and happier. This is a veritable adventure playground for dogs to have fun and relax all day, so they can rest well at night. Better still, it is a wonderful environment for dogs to socialise with each other, and gain confidence and poise.






Find our dog obstacle course near Baldock

You can find our dog adventure park by driving along on the A505 towards Royston. It is on the site of Hare Park Farm, just before the sign for the road to Ashwell, on the left-hand side. If your dog needs a lift to the dog adventure park, we can pick it up from anywhere within 15 miles of us. This includes Letchworth Garden City, Stevenage, Royston, Biggleswade, and Hitchin.

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Dog adventure park in Baldock. Shiba Inu sitting on grass.





Explore our dog adventure park in Baldock

Book your pet some time at our dog adventure park in Baldock today using our handy booking form, or email us at info@sentabarcs.co.uk if you have any queries.

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